Saturday, April 13, 2013

TCF-EVSU Ormoc goes to Daegu, South Korea

Carol Hanlon never stops to amaze us all in TCF Ormoc.  Since the first time she set foot in Ormoc she has not abandoned us.  The donations in container vans keep coming, exposing us to international conferences, providing us with other opportunities and I don't know how much more!

Now she invited the Apparel-making Trainer Engr. Justol to the TCF Global Buying Mission in Daegu, South Korea in March, 2013.  She said she wanted our trainer to have a feel on the fashion industry.

Geodetic Engineer by profession, Elizabeth Sales - Justol chose to  learn clothes making and  is actually  doing it professionally.

So off our engineer-sewing trainer to Daegu.

She did'nt lose time befriending some delegates to the same conference.

trying some color combinations, eh?
..... and wasn't she exhilarated to observe live international fashion parade for the first time in her life!  

this is what Carol wants us to learn.....


... to produce something like these....

ahh, no.  That's not Elizabeth's car.  She wants to tell us that  it is at the Fashion Center Korea that she went while in Daegu.


Well, Elizabeth just wants us to know that this is where she stayed while in Daegu.  Swell!

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