Monday, February 9, 2009

Honor graduates get ribbons and cash incentives

Our Samaritan couple enjoying "Lechon nga Baboy" during chowtime after the graduation ceremonies.  Bobong manages his family's properties in Ormoc and his own landholdings while wife Aque is the Branch Manager of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) in Ormoc City, Philippines

Evelyn Panta, garments making trainer at the Inopacan Christian Sewing Ministry gives out gifts to all her graduates.

Cash gift from Bobong...

Aque pins a ribbon to one of the honor graduates.

Husband, wife, sibling, kin pin ribbons to their respective graduates.

Ribbons were pinned on the graduates who did very well compared to the rest of the sewing trainees.  The ribbons were courtesy of the two teachers and the cash incentives were from our samaritan couple Bobong and Aque Martinez.


teJan said...

wow! just found your blog today.. and found my mother there in the picture:)

am so glad to find this site!
I'll link you up!

hope you can visit my site too!

Congratulations graduates!

teJan said...

kaila sad ko ni belen panta...hhe eh. si Bebie Mahusay ako mama:)God Bless!