Monday, October 24, 2011


MY HEARTFELT THANKS to BPW Belmont, TCF Western Australia, Carol Hanlon and Shirley Lancaster.

Never in my dreams have I expected to be able to travel outside of my own country, the Philippines if not for - foremost, Carol Hanlon. To her I am grateful. However, without the support of all the women in BPW Belmont, BPW Perth and TCF Western Australia everything couldn't have happened.

To BPW Belmont, thank you so much for facilitating my scholarship with BPW Australia's Agnes Robertson Fund to be able to attend the International Conference of Fashion Incubators in Perth. It was my honor to have presented the TCF Ormoc project in the conference in behalf of Dr. Jun Yrastorza and the other NGOs who, in one way or another have partially or fully helped the project.

To Shirley Lancaster and husband, my heartfelt thanks for welcoming me to their wonderful home. Shirley and her husband have been awesome hosts to me. My thanks to her too for bringing me to the home of my kababayans - the Roms.

BPW Belmont and BPW Perth, you are all great!

Thanks for pursuing the 3rd batch of donations for TCF Ormoc.

Forever grateful,

Ma. Johara (Jean) Justimbaste
TCF Ormoc
BPW Ormoc