Friday, February 4, 2011

Third Day of BPW Belmont’s Ormoc Visit

While Carol Hanlon continues with her Textile Clothing Footwear Ormoc Community Sewing Center visits with Boy Sebidos, Christine Della Vedova was conducting interviews with prospective members of BPW Ormoc.

It was a pretty tough activity where Christine sometimes turned to me (Jean) for interpretation and somewhat heavy to us who were both emotionally inclined.

The photos tell the story of the profiling activity:

After the profiling activity, Christine had to rush to the Ormoc City National High School (OCNHS) to speak before 15 high school teachers about BPW. She finished there by about 1:00 o'clock noon of January 12. Then she had to rush to the Ormoc City Community Credit Cooperative Incorporated (OCCCI) for the Third TCF Ormoc Fashion Parade.