Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Methodist Community Livelihood Center

The Methodist Community Livelihood Center is training women in different barangays how to sew. One of their trainees is a differently-abled person.

Despite her disability she struggles to learn how to sew. She's from another municipality and stays in this small boutique of the Methodist pastor's wife who is herself a very good, quality dressmaker.

She is a very good craftswoman. She has no left hand and no left foot. Her left thigh is attached to a dilapidated artificial leg.

This paper folding duck is her creation.

The man behind the woman is Pastor Roselle Panta of the Methodist Church of Margen, Ormoc City. This small boutique that his wife is renting is home to women undergoing dressmaking training under her.


From their CLC visits in the morning Carol and Mel hurried back to be with Hideaki and Adam for the 1:00PM Press Conference at the Superdome where at 2:00 Adam would start his choreography practice.

Carol started by giving a backgrounder on the project and introduced Adam and Hideaki. She reiterated Mel's role in bringing TCF to Ormoc by way of Carol.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Barangay Don Felipe Larrazabal Community Livelihood Center

Though still in its infancy, the Barangay Don Felipe Larrazabal Community Livelihood Center is actually doing good judging from the contracts made personally by the Coordinator. The membership however, still has to be formally set up.

The Center Coordinator talking with Dr. Yrastorza.

These are the uniforms that the coordinator has conracted with a big cooperative here in Ormoc City.

These women are two of her four workers in her house.

The woman at left is the Coordinator and wife of the Barangay Chairman of Barangay Don Felipe Larrazabal. Her husband and Barangay Chairman is at right of the photo.


The woman at left is the coordinator of Barangay Linao Community Livelihood Center

Her products are bought by their neighbors in this housing project. It earns her additional money to help her husband who sells Ice Candy for the family.

Her daughter sells the bags that she creates.

This is the house of our Coordinator in Linao. She is also using her house as the Center.

Neighborhood of our Center in Linao. This is a housing project of the Department of Social Welfare and Development provided after the Killer Flood of 1991. Our Center Coordinator's family was a victim of that flood.

Naungan Community Livelihood Center

As reported in the tcfoc e-group, photos for this community livelihood center are presented here.

This is the house of the Naungan Community Livelihood Center Coordinator that she is using also as their group's Center.

Immediately behind this house of our coordinator is another family which is on stilts already to prevent the sea from reaching the house floors.

This is the pathway going out of the house of our coordinator in Naungan. This man is her neighbor who owns the house behind hers.

This is Vic-vic, the Naungan CLC Coordinator