Sunday, May 25, 2008

Carol's "I shall return!" to Ormoc City, Philippines

That was summer (Philippines, March-June), 2007 when Carol Hanlon, Mel Rom and Rhay Rom came for a visit to Ormoc City. Through Dr. Jun Yrastorza, she met with some NGO representatives and inquired of products unique to Ormoc. Unfortunately, they found none. Actually, we could not present one except food products (lol). None that they could probably purchase in bulk and sell in their shops in Australia. Such a shame!

The pessimist in us, was overshadowed by the optimist in her. She is a woman who never quits and her optimism is infectious. She talked to some people and learned of on-going trainings on sewing. Armed with this information, she, Mel and Rhay embarked on a campaign for donations of second-hand sewing machines in Western Australia.

On November, last year Textile, Clothing, Footwear Western Australia shipped a 40-foot container van full of 165 sewing machines, boxes and boxes of fabric and other materials, rolls and rolls of off-cut quality fabric and a lot, lot more.

The donations arrived Cebu from Perth, Western Australia through the courtesy of Aboitiz Group Foundation. AGF paid for the transportation costs from Australia to Ormoc City.

Back in Ormoc we distributed these to 21 (now and still counting) community livelihood centers in 19 of Ormoc's 110 barangays (villages).

Now Carol and Mel are coming back to Ormoc. They will be joined by modelling and confidence building trainer Adam Barralet. This is so because there are community livelihood centers whose members are good garments makers already. And what a good way to sell their garments other than a fashion parade/show.

Adam will provide the crash training course to 200 young, and not-so-young Ormocanons in the hope of showing off the center's fashion creations.

Adam Barralet

Company National Principal
Head Choreographer

However, we do not want to be selfish about not sharing Adam with other garments makers in Ormoc. We are providing slots to all boutiques in Ormoc to participate in Adam's training.

As a matter of fact, TCFOC hopes to put Ormoc City as the fashion capital of Eastern Visayas or even the whole of Visayas! Mabuhay!!!

Thank you to Dr. Jaap Poll of Otto Energy and NorAsian Energy for sponsoring Adam's trip to Ormoc City, mabuhay ka, Dr. Poll.

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