Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Glenn Ymas July 2009.JPG

Twenty-four year old Glenn Ymas, a fifth year Mechanical Engineering student of the Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU) couldn’t be happier. Pagtinabangay Foundation informed him that he can continue being the Textile Clothing Footwear Ormoc Volunteer Monitor. This means he can also continue his college education for at least one semester.

Glenn is working his way through college doing odd jobs from gathering news to messengerial work.

Last year, Dr. Jaap Poll, CEO of Ottoman Energy Limited granted us P150,000 to pay for the allowances of eight Volunteer Youth Monitors for the Textile Clothing Footwear (TCF) project. For one whole year Dr. Poll enabled these 8 kids to enroll in college and in high school. That money also made sure that the 25 Community Livelihood Sewing Centers were monitored. The money lasted from June, 2008 to May, 2009. raised US$ 296 for Pagtinabangay Foundation which was remitted to PFI in June 30, 2009. Converted to Philippine Pesos this amounts to Twelve Thousand – 3 months worth of allowance for Glenn to be able to monitor/visit all 25 Community Livelihood Centers of the Textile Clothing Footwear Ormoc project. These 25 CLCs are located in 21 barangays (villages) in Ormoc five of which are hard to reach.

With the 296 US Dollars, donors at ammado are helping Glenn achieve his ambition of finishing his dream of becoming a Mechanical Engineer - - - soon, very soon.

With the US$ 296, donors are helping reach out to the 25 CLCs encouraging the garments makers to continue making garments which are providing them with additional income.

This is just great! 296 US dollars! 126 individuals assisted directly and indirectly! THANK YOU, AMMADO. THANK YOU TO ALL OUR DONORS AT AMMADO.COM

TCFWA and Valencia CLC.jpg
Glenn with Carol Hanlon and members of the Valencia CLC during the visit of Carol to the CLCs in July, 2008

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two more bodies, please

I wish I have two more bodies to do all these activities at once!

See, I have this Change Politics Movement, and we are right now doing the rounds of Ormoc colleges in preparation for the 2010 national elections. Then I have this Textile Clothing Footwear Ormoc where I do all the necessary documentation, OMG! Then I have the Coalition of Ormoc Women where Pagtinabangay Foundation holds the current chairmanship. I have to check 5 email inboxes. I have to update 4 blogs. I have to visit 9 or I guess more social networks where I am a member. I have to write articles to upload to all these blogs and in ammado. I have house work. Good there's Spider Solitaire so I won't get crazy!

Monday, July 6, 2009

2nd Donation for Ormoc launched

Carol and Miss Poppy are seen here urging their fellow Australians to donate to the Textile Clothing Footwear Ormoc. Sewing machines and materials are intended to be used by the 25 Community Livelihood Centers in 21 villages in the city of Ormoc.

TCF Western Australia already shipped one 40-foot container van full of sewing machines, assorted off-cut fabric and many other sewing materials in November, 2007. These gave rise to the 25 CLCs.

The second donation is intended to bring the project up one step - product development.

Already a few designers and garments makers have registered their help. There are offers of free service to hold a lecture on design, another on pattern making and yet another to train the local dressmakers of TCF Ormoc to learn better sewing applications.

TCF Ormoc and TCF Western Australia welcome all those who can donate cash for travel expenses of these good samaritans to help our dressmakers in Ormoc.

Please contact Carol Hanlon in Perth and Jean Justimbaste in Ormoc.

God Bless You!

Carol Hanlon wins scholarship

Our friend Carol Hanlon just won a scholarship of $5,000. She is using this to attend the International Conference for Fashion Incubators in the US this year. While there, Carol intends to explore the possibility of Perth to host the conference next year.