Friday, October 31, 2008

More from the October 2008 Regular Meeting

Nora Lucero is Valencia CLC's trainer.  With her creativity, she keeps the center afloat.  They have a new recruit and is right now on training with her.

Ingrid, our fashion jewellery entrepreneur in the making...

October Regular Meeting

This is Linao CLC's coordinator - Josephine Ross.  She reports that she is slowly carving a niche in her  neighborhood.  Her simple but beautiful curtain designs are particularly attracting customers among her neighbors.

This is Genia.  She's being noticed by her neighbors, too.  She has contracted cheerleaders costumes for a class of  elementary kids.

This is Nelia Diano, coordinator of Concepcion CLC.  She is currently scouting for committed dressmakers.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Good Samaritan

There are two new Sewing Livelihood Centers opened by a good Samaritan called Roberto Martinez in Ormoc City, Philippines. He is a farmer by profession (landlord/haciendero, that is), a businessman and passionate in helping the less fortunate.

After learning that TCF Ormoc has sewing machines available for less-fortunate women in the barangays (villages), he came, got the sewing machines that are just sitting around waiting for some souls to help them come to life, and had the sewing machines serviced.

With the machines, two ministries sprang to life: Christian Sewing Ministry - Ormoc City and Christian Sewing Ministry - Inopacan.

The photos here are from Ormoc ministry.