Friday, May 3, 2013

TCF EVSU ORMOC Sewing Class Graduates

The stage is set...
Nine out of 11 who enrolled in November, 2012 are now graduates of the 54-hour Dressmaking Course under the partnership of TCF Ormoc and Eastern Visayas State University Ormoc (EVSU).  The training was conducted only every Sunday as all trainees are full-time home managers.

Enrolees only have to pay P1,000.00 for the whole course so they will commit to finish it.

The program invitation...

Cecille Avellana, Ph.D., Education Department Head delivers
the  Opening Remarks
Dr. Gregorio Yrastorza, Jr. is the Guest of Honor
of the graduation ceremony

EVSU Ormoc is the recipient of the 3rd batch of
donations from TCF WA which Carol Hanlon
heads.  EVSU used the electric sewing machines and very
good sewing materials for the trainings on Garments-making
and Upholstery.  All the materials used by the students
during the training are theirs  and can of course take
these home.

Dr. Yrastorza delivers his Message to the graduates.

PRSENTING THE GRADUATES for the TCF EVSU Ormoc Garments-Making Training:

Engr. Elizabeth Justol, Garments-making trainer
speaks her mind regarding the training that she handles
at the Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU) Ormoc.

The graduates showing off their wares.  They start parading a skirt and blouse ensemble....

This garments graduation activity started at five in the afternoon.  In this portion, the graduates show their short pants.  The blouses they are wearing are not part of their outputs.

For the intermission numbers, this talented student hurdles an ordeal.

This time the graduates show off their Long Pants output.  Because they are not allowed to come inside the school without IDs and/or uniforms, on their own initiative, they acquired the shirts they wear here as their uniforms.

Not to be outdone, Extension Services Head Beatrice (Betty)
Mabitad parades her 30-minute casual.


What is a graduation without the handing out of the much-awaited CERTIFICATES of COMPLETION?  To award the Certificates, Dr. Cecille Avellana of the Education Department and Dr. Tolorio of the Technology Department extend the certificates to each of the 9 graduates.

Dr. Tolorio delivers his Closing Remarks.

Food for the hungry graduates, their friends and relatives and guests:

The much needed Diploma in Dressmaking from the university.

.... Engr. Justol, Dr. Yrastorza and Dr. Avellana in a huddle - what to do after their graduation?

Dr. Tolorio and wifey busies himself with some list....

Beaming with pride...
The proud Extension Services Head that produced the first Dressmaking graduates.  


WE JUST GOT OUR DIPLOMA!  -  proud mothers...

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