Saturday, January 16, 2010

OCCCI Staff tour to TTCFWA First Donation Beneficiaries

The last week of December, 2009 and first week of January, 2010 were spent by TCF Ormoc to guide the OCCCI staff to the barangays where the Community Sewing Livelihood Centers are located.

Here are some of the photos on the tour:

Concepcion Sewing Livelihood Center Coordinator Nelia Diano with Boy Sebidos of the Metro Ormoc Community Credit Cooperative, Inc. (OCCCI)

Gregorio Soria of Juaton CSLC with Boy Sebidos of OCCCI

Leticia Bacus of Cogon CSLC with Boy Sebidos of OCCCI

Cabintan CSLC coordinator talks to Boy while some
members of the family are busy picking corn grains
from husks.

Cabintan children use a home-made grains picker to
separate the husks from the corn grains

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