Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our awardee friends!!!

 Hi everyone!


It's been a year of good harvest for our friends in Australia.  For the second time, Carol Hanlon was presented with the Best Enterprise Center Manager Award (Best National Business Enterprise Centre Manager Award – 2004 and The Australian Taxation Office Award for Best Business Enterprise Centre Manager (BEC) in Australia, 2008).  This is one more award to her many others.


Photo  L to R

·        Peter Murray, Chair BEC Australia

·        Carol Hanlon , Manager, Belmont BEC

·        David Baumgarten, Vice Chair, BEC Australia

·        Rod Ettridge, Assistant Commissioner, Australian Taxation Office

Also, Metro Modelling Academy whose Managing Director, Adam Barralet came to Ormoc in July this year to train 160 budding ramp models in 3 days, was presented the Judges Award.  Adam's mother, Gill received the Judges Award for the Academy.


Here's a link to the Belmont Small Business Awards: 


I can't upload a photo of Gilly accepting the award here.  The photos in the Belmont Awards site, although in jpg format, are in Bit Torrent program which is new to me.

Friday, October 31, 2008

More from the October 2008 Regular Meeting

Nora Lucero is Valencia CLC's trainer.  With her creativity, she keeps the center afloat.  They have a new recruit and is right now on training with her.

Ingrid, our fashion jewellery entrepreneur in the making...

October Regular Meeting

This is Linao CLC's coordinator - Josephine Ross.  She reports that she is slowly carving a niche in her  neighborhood.  Her simple but beautiful curtain designs are particularly attracting customers among her neighbors.

This is Genia.  She's being noticed by her neighbors, too.  She has contracted cheerleaders costumes for a class of  elementary kids.

This is Nelia Diano, coordinator of Concepcion CLC.  She is currently scouting for committed dressmakers.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Good Samaritan

There are two new Sewing Livelihood Centers opened by a good Samaritan called Roberto Martinez in Ormoc City, Philippines. He is a farmer by profession (landlord/haciendero, that is), a businessman and passionate in helping the less fortunate.

After learning that TCF Ormoc has sewing machines available for less-fortunate women in the barangays (villages), he came, got the sewing machines that are just sitting around waiting for some souls to help them come to life, and had the sewing machines serviced.

With the machines, two ministries sprang to life: Christian Sewing Ministry - Ormoc City and Christian Sewing Ministry - Inopacan.

The photos here are from Ormoc ministry.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

For the month of August, the CLC Coordinators met and discussed the July 4 fashion parade. The parade helped all of us understand the fashion industry. And because we want to let more people know about our talents in fashion, we are scheduling our own fashion parade - no more boutiques this time - on October, 2008.

The newest donation from Western Australia, the Techology and Resource Center learning tapes were presented. The coordinators present were interested to borrow and watch the tapes.

In the same meeting it was also decided that the group right now will soon be converted into a cooperative and will be called the TCF Ormoc Multi-purpose Cooperative. This will give us more opportunities to grow.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Part of TCF Ormoc Herstory...

Hi! Wonder how all those wonderful donations of 165 sewing machines and boxes and boxes of sewing materials came into being? Well, thanks to Marianne Liley Rom for uploading these photos in her Facebook pages.

They started out with appeals for donations thru the media.

And not for long donors came a-flocking....

kids, too...

They volunteered not just their time and money....

but efforts, too!

What an amazing display of generosity!

... and commitment!

And that was how it came to be...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Hideaki Collection

Hideaki Lim of Malaysia was kind enough to be the guest celebrity designer in the First Ormoc Fashion Event. After the parade, he told the audience that he also was once a village boy. He studied, worked hard and is now one of Malaysia's sought after fashion designers. He specializes in futuristic designs as evidenced by his garb.

Paraded as the main event in the recent Ormoc Fashion Event, was the Hideaki Malay-Vietnamese-Chinese inspired collection.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Hideaki Collection

The Ormoc Grassroots Fashion Event had a guest celebrity Fashion Designer in the person of Hideaki of Below is his latest collection that he donated to TCFOrmoc. These beautiful Malay-Vietnamese-Chinese inspired gowns are for AUCTION. All proceeds will go to the operations fund of TCFOrmoc.

Please place your bids and help TCFOrmoc continue its work helping barangay folks make money from their sewing livelihood activities.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

First Ormoc Grassroots Fashion Event

After 11 hours of training and practice by Adam Barralet, we could now show Ormoc what women and men from the Barangay Community Livelihood Centers have been busy about.

THE FIRST ORMOC GRASSROOTS FASHION EVENT. July 4, 2008. 6:00P.M. Ormoc City Superdome.