Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Carol visits the livelihood centers

Every time Carol visits the Philippines, part of her itinerary/schedule is her visits to the livelihood centers in the villages (barangays). We started out with the farthest livelihood center situated about 600 meters above sea level in Barangay Cabintan. These Center visits were in the 14th day of January, Carol's 3rd day in Ormoc. It was raining the whole day.

From Cabintan, we came down to Barangay Cabulihan. They were waiting for us since 8:00 in the morning. Their other members have left for their homes to prepare their family's lunch.

We just passed by this Livelihood Center in Barangay San Pablo since the Coordinator and some of her members were at the Patter-Making Training at the St. Benedict Socio-Pastoral Center.

She's a member of Cabulihan Livelihood Center. She is deaf-mute and makes handbags from the first textile donations in 2007.

Cabulihan Livelihood Center Coordinator with wife and daughter.

This is the dirt road in Barangay Cabintan. It was raining the whole day of January 14, her 3rd day in Ormoc, Philippines.

This is the path walk going the house of the Center Coordinator.
With a hurt ankle, it was difficult for Carol to go up this slippery
path. So the Coordinator came down with a small bag of cooked
banana for us. They talked inside the car.

Since it was raining and the Center is at the house of the Coordinator which is on a hill above the main barangay (village) road and very slippery, it was the Coordinator who came down to talk to Carol who was nursing a hurt ankle. Armed with cooked banana provided by the Center Coordinator, they had their "conference" inside the OCCCI-rented car, hahaha.

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