Sunday, January 24, 2010

Carol's 2nd Busy Day - January 13, 2010

Today is Carol's 2nd day of visit in Ormoc this year and her schedule was such that she had to be in four different time slots in one day:

At 8:00 in the morning she had to be at the Mayor's office for her courtesy call but because the Mayor was not yet around, she had to move on to her other schedule which was for an interview with POWER FM. From PowerFM she was back at the Mayor's office.

At about 9:00 in the morning she had to go back to OCCCI building to meet with the Livelihood Center Coordinators. In this meeting she was able to learn about the status of their centers, their effectivity and their needs.

After a quick lunch, she's up and on to another room at the OCCCI building for a workshop with Livelihood Center operators on Business in the Fashion industry.

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