Monday, January 18, 2010

Carol Hanlon of TCFWA comes back to Ormoc

She arrived in the afternoon of January 12, 2010. She came in from Cebu by fast craft. There was no car to meet her. The OCCCI car that was supposed to meet her was still at the airport to meet the Filipina-Australian fashion designer that she invited for the Ormoc Fashion Event. There was only me and my umbrella, it was raining the whole day. Actually, it's been raining the whole week.

Ormoc folks are known to be kind and sweet. A certain Mr. Tumampo approached us to offer us a free ride. His house is just a block away from OCCCI.

Brought her to the De Luxe room of the OCCCI Hostel. It seems that we do not want her to rest because at 2:45 in the afternoon we fetched her to be in the Business and Professional Women exploratory meeting at the St. Benedict Socio-Pastoral Center. We finished by about a few minutes after 5.

At 8:00 in the evening the Coalition of Ormoc Women (COW) set a dinner for her where the OCCCI Chairperson of the Board and also the Chief Executive Officer were present. Because we also invited media people, there was a lively discussion after a dinner of Sinanawan nga Monggos, Native Chicken in Soup, Ginagmay'ng Baka and Sweet and Sour Fish.

And that wrapped up the day for Carol Hanlon's arrival for the 3rd time inOrmoc. Bz, bz, bz....

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