Saturday, May 31, 2008

Coordinators' & Volunteer Monitors' Joint Meeting

On May 24, 2008 we had a joint meeting of the Community Livelihood Center Coordinators and the Youth Volunteer Monitors.

We hold a regular monthly meeting of center coordinators. This time, we have our newly hired youth volunteer monitors to the meeting. Above, the Concepcion CLC coordinator reported on the activities of her center.

This is a good venue for exchanging experiences, ideas and showing off their products to other centers. Shown above is the coordinator of Don Felipe Larrazabal Community Development Center showing off her bag.

Below is the coordinator of Sumangga CLC reporting and then showing off the products that her group has been making.

Other coordinators seem to like Sumangga CLC's products.... hmmm.

It was time for the youth volunteers to render their reports. Two were absent and although the bookkeeper was present, she was not obliged to render her financial report as yet.

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