Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Fashion Trend

During the 3rd International Conference of Fashion Incubators organized by Carol Hanlon in Perth, Western Australia, fashion trend for this year (2013) was presented there by Stylesight’s Associate Director for Australia/New Zealand , Janelle Mannes.  That was September, 2011 and it was an exclusive presentation for the conference participants.
Janelle Mannes

I did not write about it as I did not want to pre-empt Mannes’s 2013 fashion prediction presentation.  But it was a very comprehensive presentation for their Spring/Summer 2013 fashion forecast.  I can write about it now.

Creative Lifestyle Management (CLM) was how Mannes described Stylesight’s 2013 fashion trend.  CLM is divided into six different themes:  Clarity, which includes oriental style, 3 levels of color, translucent (encasing objects), blues and greens, curves (no angles), Ikebana prints and lace-like lattice.  Ashen takes consideration the depth in design and includes the colors gray, yellow and soft greens.  Summer darks use the colors bronze, black and ash grey.  The lament theme takes on depth, giving emphasis to the white color and drape materials.  The Nutopia theme wants to reconnect with the environment taking on earthy shapes and the colors yellow, blue, orange, olive green, brown, peach and handmade nature prints.  Finally Subnation takes on the colors pink, gray, green, yellow, punk & rebellious, loud colors, hot/fun/fresh, multi-cultural mix and patchwork/collage designs.

Anita McAdam

In the same conference Anita McAdam , Director of Studio Faro which is a design and technical consultancy firm and Promosty’s  senior consultant for Australia/New Zealand, presented the Promostyl EXPLORATION trend forecast for 2013.  Promostyl’s themes are four:  Studio, which expresses “modernity of the past”, Dimension which takes on some “scientific experiments”, Fantasia that delves into “the subconscious mind and intuition and the theme Land  which explores “primal sensations”.

Promostyl is a fashion trend forecast company and is based in Paris.

2013 fashion design portfolios chained to the display table
& strictly no taking of photos.

Expect that the 2015 fashion trend is being prepared by now.

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