Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Third Batch of Donations from TCFWA Arrives

The 3rd container van from TCF Western Australia arrived in the Eastern Visayas State University Ormoc campus on a Saturday, January 21, 2012. It actually arrived Cebu in January 14 yet, also a Saturday.

We had a hard time dealing with the Department of Finance in Manila. It was only until Betty Mabitad called an EVSU Ormoc former guest from the office of the Ombudsman in Cebu that we saw some light with the release of EVSU Ormoc's Duty-Free Certification. Thanks to the Madam from the Cebu Ombudsman's Office.

These are part of the donated goods from TCF Western Australia. EVSU Ormoc utility and maintenance personnel helped in carrying the donations from the stripped container van to this space in one of the buildings in the campus.

EVSU Ormoc Extension Services personnel Betty Mabitad supervised the checking and organizing of the donations.

Some of the boxes of donations.

Reserved Officers Training Corp students helped in stripping the container van and carry the boxes and other goods to this space in the campus.

ROTC cadets.... of EVSU Ormoc

ROTC cadets stopped their training to help us with the donations....

Snacks for the cadets after helping us with the transfer of the donations from the container van to this room in the EVSU Ormoc campus.

Ever willing, ever cheerful, ever helping EVSU Ormoc ROTC cadets.

Those are the boxes of donated materials from TCF Western Australia care of Carol Hanlon's organizations - TCF WA, Belmont BEC and BPW Belmont. Again, Betty is there doing the supervising....

Rolls of beautiful upholstery fabric are aplenty. I'm sure many trainees and students can make a lot of things out of these fabric. Betty did the rounds and inventory.

Still having snacks, ROTC cadets pose for my old and almost non-functional camera....


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