Friday, September 16, 2011

Journey to the ICFI 2011

The invitation from Carol Hanlon to attend the International Conference of Fashion Incubators (ICFI 2011) in Perth, Western Australia came to as a surprise to me.

Was I glad I attended that conference (September 11-13, 2011) and my warm gratitude to Carol Hanlon for being my biggest supporter who really did a lot to get me a scholarship for this travel. I learned a lot from the conference - talk of opportunities for women in the villages!

There were hitches along the way, of course! I had to re-book my ticket and take the Tacloban-Manila flight my visa arrived only at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon and I was booked on the 3PM flight from Cebu-Manila.

Thank you so much to a Jane at ToGo courier - the official courier of the Australian Embassy in Manila. She made it happen for me.

Thank you to OCCCI staff Jane Jumao-as and MaryAnne Joriza they are both wonderful ladies who helped me book my e-ticket for Carol to reimburse later. And of course thank you to Joe Mosquite, OCCCI CEO who approved the facilitation of my e-tickets as requested by Carol.

Thank you to Spanky Muñoz who, as always, is always there whenever I need someone's help. God Bless you, Spank!

And most of all thank you to my husband, Emil for allowing me to travel and took the responsibility of taking care of my ageing father.

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