Monday, January 17, 2011

Hectic Second Day for Carol and Christine

No time to waste for BPW Belmont girls Carol and Christine. In the morning of January 11, 2011 Carol Hanlon and Christine Della Vedova visited community sewing centers in the next town of Kananga.

In the afternoon, they were at the Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU).

As in the Ormoc National City High School, Christine gave a talk on being a self-starter and volunteering. This time her audience consists of more than a hundred college students.

Carol, on the other hand and in another room, gave a workshop to about 50 faculty members of

EVSU Ormoc with a few participants from the Community Sewing Centers on Starting a Business.

At the end of her talk she presented some business opportunities.

One business opportunity is the manufacture of fashion accessories made from wood, bone and resin. This is a business of Faye Maramara, a Cebuana who is now in Western Australia.

Another is upholstery business. She is in possession of donated upholstery materials that are waiting for a donee. When this was presented, the EVSU Campus Director Dr. Lillian Estorninos signified willingness to accept the donations. That’s it. Another shipment of donations from Australia will be forthcoming within this year or next year.

Carol then presented to EVSU, business books which Dr. Estorninos accepted in behalf of the EVSU Ormoc Campus.

An event can never be complete without pictures, pictures, pictures....

Dinner time was bonding time for the organizers of the BPW Belmont Ormoc visit.

More discussions happened and plans materialized. And that sealed the day for the cast and crew of the BPW Belmont Club’s visit to the Philippines.

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