Friday, June 12, 2009

Fundraising at

There is a new development on  Some of the people in ammado are into fundraising themselves since ammado is a fundraising site.


Pagtinabangay Foundation, Inc. (PFI) has been a member of Ammado since it was first launched in December, 2007.  One year and six months later PFI has raised E20.53 and US$190.98 with a total of 27 donations from only 12 people, all ammado members. 


Just this morning, however, when I opened my email I was amazed at the number of donations coming for PFI through ammado.  Intrigued, I checked our ammado page to see what’s going on.  OMG, everyday several donations are coming PFI’s way.


Joeri Gianotten,’s Asia-Pacific director who is a monthly contributor to PFI, has created his own fundraising community and this link will explain better what he is doing 


The children of Terry Farris, a more or less regular donor of PFI on ammado also has their own fundraising community and here is the link to their page on ammado


I just thought, you readers, might want to jump into the bandwagon of the Ammado Giving Circle.


Remarkable Joeri, remarkable Farris kids!


Thank you, guys.  YOU ARE ALL GREAT.  PFI loves you.

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